Architectural Design

       Laker Design & Estimating Services

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        Unique Design Service for your 
        new-build home, an extension
        or commercial venture. 

        Simplify the design and build of your Dream Home 
        or extension, while saving thousands of pounds!

        Projects specifically tailored to clients exacting requirements,
        including material procurement, inc. labour and plant – with
        guaranteed materials! 

         Save while you control costs, full procurement
         breaks down your project cost to the last nail.



Architectural, planning and design for commercial and residential projects.

The totally UNIQUE Design services offered are as follow:

Full Architectural Design laid out in 2d, 3d or BIM mapping for the supply of planning, building control or concept design procurement and planning.

Call us on 0800 684 8702, alternatively message us online see our website 'Lets Chat’ and find out about the...££££... savings.

  • Laker provide a Procurement service within our Design package: estimating your rates for labour, plant and materials, we use SMM7 standards. This means a Direct-to-Consumer material delivery = further huge cost savings.
  • Laker is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to build your project.
  • Project management services from conception to completion, with Material Scheduling where deliveries are able to be guaranteed on site when required.
  • We offer Civil and Structural engineering services, areas as conditional surveys and reports.
  • Diagnostic links with site survey reports.
  • Basement design & RC works.
  • RIBA, JCT and NEC & Escrow Formal contracts.
  • Full D&B design and procurement with valued engineering.
  • Full H&S method and concept statements.
  • Piling reports and ground and soil investigation.
BIM service

Design Service

Laker Builders Merchant are a 'Service First' Company

As every building project is dependent on a successful design process, dictating the nature and complexity of the build, defining the resources needed, also the time taken all effect the overall outcome. At Laker we are a ‘service first’ business who already look to provide an end to end service for our clients. With the addition of our Architecture, Engineering and Design Service, you may now look to us to come up with an all encompassing solution, starting with the architectural sketches, the plans being drawn up, to a full procurement service.

We would first like to meet with you!

Discuss your project requirements with our in-house surveyor in detail, first complete the enquiry form, then open a trade account, for you, or your builder. Whether estimating, design, planning, building regs or engineering.

VIP’s customers may claim a full rebate on all design costs, if a Laker procurement contract is taken out, T’s&C’s apply.

Design Service

Architectural, planning, design and

full estimating service for a wide

range of residential & commercial

projects. Alternatively see Builders

Estimating Services



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