fence panels

fence panels

Beat the rush, if you have fencing in need of repair – don’t wait for the weather to change and your panels to be blown over and C-19 manufacturing shortages is not the primary reason.  Unfortunately, there is one almighty UK Timber shortage coming, meaning if you wait until the winter sets in you will definitely be disappointed, as the coming timber shortage anticipated will be unprecedented. Our Canadian friends have acquired several of the largest exporters of timber in Scandinavia and are diverting the UK’s supply to Canada, creating a 40-50% hole in the timber supply chain. So, Laker Builders Merchant are strongly advising our customers to act now – to beat the rush!

However, before you make your choices of which fencing you should purchase, invest in a thorough investigation and review your choices. There are so many materials that have been used in fencing and landscaping; from as Metpost to concrete or timber gravel boards that make a clear difference. There are also many fencing types and ranges accessible from Panels to Trellis to rail & post, to composite. Your choice may rely upon your drive or existing fencing.  Remember fencing makes a home more appealing and builds upon its attractiveness, especially important if a sale is on the horizon.

Timber or Wood Fencing

Laker Builders MerchantStyle and tastefulness are what a wooden fence brings to your garden. Generally, it is all related to achieving that desirable perfect home. For a valid justification, a wood fence is one of the enduring alternatives. In any case, before you start planning to acquire your timber fence requirements, there are various things you should know. Security is one of the key ingredients for homeowners, and a timber fence or dividing wall can prevent outsiders from accessing or coveting into your property. When choosing the most appropriate fencing, there are advantages and disadvantages of choosing timber fencing that you will need to consider. If you want to securely fix a timber fence, you will need a Metpost.

Sturdiness: While the life expectancy of UK sold fencing will offer 3 to 10 years protection, we advise upon legitimate consideration for paying more, Laker sell pressure treated built to last IRO of 10 years or dipped for 3-4year protection. Also, if safety measures are taken into consideration, e.g. the utilisation of sealants, and concrete gravel boards and regular protection as Sadolin shed & fence, your fencing can be kept going for a considerable time.

Ecologically Friendly: As the vast majority become mindful of the carbon impression, many are settling or changing to timber fencing. More wooden or Lap Panel are being made with naturally neighbourly stabilizers and additives.  Also, wood fencing is a lot simpler to deteriorate and discard than metal or concrete or composite fencing; which means, it has a far lesser effect on the earth.

Versatile Look: If you are searching for a fencing material that will add energy to your home, at that point timber fencing presumably accommodates your requirement. What’s more, wood fencing offers customisation and adaptability. Furthermore, it isn’t constrained to a specific setting. Likewise, you can recolour the fence with the shading you desire.

Flexible: From rural homes to government workplaces, wood fencing is one of a kind because of its flexibility. Regardless of whether you are searching for protection or embellishing your home, wood fencing furnishes you with the immortal and great look that fits in any setting, in opposition to other people.


Vinyl or Composite Fencing:

fence Laker Builders Merchant

Regardless of whether you are hoping to include a touch of embellishing energy into your garden or you need extra security, vinyl or composite fencing may be the arrangement you are searching for. The vinyl wall is appealing and require low support. The materials utilised require periodic flushing. Be that as it may, they are not liable to blurring, decay, or some other impact of time or climate. Eminently, vinyl fencing is accessible in comparative appears as though wood board fencing.

Then again, picket composite boards include a brightening and delightful look. They function admirably for limits containing pets. Moreover, the vinyl rail fencing has the vibe of wooden sheets and is a decent decision for characterizing limits.

Strong: No issue the circumstance they face, the composite wall is solid. They don’t spoil, permit the development of growth, rankle, or be stressed over breaking or parting because of mature age or climate. Furthermore, the composite wall is impervious to fire and is invulnerable to bugs.

Easy and Low Maintenance required: Unlike wood fencing, which is requesting by requiring painting and re-colouring, the vinyl wall doesn’t ask much from the proprietors. Even though it might expect you to hose it off now and then, it will in any case stay sturdy and alluring absent a lot of consideration from you.

Straightforward Installation: Vinyl wall doesn’t require a lot of information to introduce. With the correct devices, estimations, and right directions, you can without much of a stretch introduce a vinyl fence. When the rails are slid on the post, you secure the post into the ground.

Garden Gates

Laker Builders Merchant Gates
Tall garden gates can add secure access to your property while a lower limit with a shorter door can make inviting access to your property.

Door Hinges, Latches, and Bolts and other Accessories

Include or supply of pivots, locks, clips, latch sets, springs, cleats, the full Metpost range, Postcrete and even include bolts for doors or gates to additionally make sure your property or boundaries are secure.