At Laker Builders Merchant we know putting up a fencing & Gates is not always so easy. If you’re erecting up your fence for the first time, we have made sure to provide our customers with a technical fencing overview, to ensure you may become adversed ‘with the lingo’ before purchasing. If you’ve decided to begin a fencing project then read our handy fencing guide should also be if good use too.

Fence Panels

Fence panels are great for dividing or even closing off your garden and making the perfect space to relax year upon year. Fence panels come in a variety of sizes, designs and styles including traditional overlap panel, feather edge and picket fence.Fencing at Laker Builders merchant

Laker Builders Merchant are a fencing specialist, we therefore stock a range a wide range of fence panels ranging from our ever-popular lap panels, closeboard panels,  trellis panels, to ensure our fence panels always follow your style and your homes aesthetic.

Closeboard Fencing

Closeboard fencing is one of the most popular fencing types and it’s easy to see why! It’s known for its strength and versatility, as well as the classic design. This type of fencing is built using vertical featheredge boards that partially overlap for privacy and stability. These are then fixed to horizontal boards behind. It is the most efficient way to build a wooden fence.

Fence Posts

When installing a fence, posts are an important component which must not be dismissed. Fence posts are available in concrete, metal and timber forms and its essential to choose a post which is suitable for your fence structure.Bespoke Chestnut Fencing Laker Builders Merchant

Timber posts as the name suggests are for timber fences. Laker Building & Fencing Supplies timber posts are kiln dried and treated with timber preservative to ensure a long service life. They are available in both blank and morticed forms to help you build your fence. Alternatively you might want to use concrete post, which is excellent for prolongedlongevity and low-maintenance fencing.

Gravel Boards

Gravel Boards are used underneath to protect your fence from moisture damage and ensure that it lasts as long as possible. You will find two main types of gravel boards consisting of timber and concrete to suit your fencing needs.  A key benefit is gravel boards make the bottom of your fence look tidier by removing uneven gaps making your garden fence look professional and can even help increase the height of your fence.

Specialist Fencing Accessories

Dependent on your fencing requirement, Laker Building & Fencing Supplies offer a complete range of specialist fencing such as commercial and public fencing. The Laker Fencing & Gates department offers a number of timber specialist fencing options including chainlink – ideal for improved security, post and rail fencing for clear boundaries, and traditional chestnut fencing upon request – which is one of the most eco-friendly options available.

Fence Repair Spurs

CONCRETE-REPAIR-SPUR.jpgMost fences are strong and sturdy Laker offer a range of colours, dipped or pressure treated fencing for long life. However, sometimes environmental factors such a strong winds and or inclement weather may impact the longevity of your fencing. In such circumstances, we have various repair options stocked as spurs. Spurs help repair and support a fence panel which might have become wobbly and are available in concrete and metal options.

Now you understand key fencing terms, please view our advise for choosing the right fencing for your garden by clicking here.