Fixings & Adhesives

The right tool for the right job at the right price

Laker’s range of quality fixings and adhesives will help you drill it, fix it, nail it, cover it, sand it and cut it to a professional standard whether you’re a DIYer or a professional tradesperson. 


Nails: Laker supply a range of galvanised steel and aluminium nails, panel pins and staples for all types of projects across Timber, Flooring and Masonry. Nails include Spring Head, Ring Shank, Cut Clasp, Lost Head, Twisted and many more. 

Screws: Offering a wide range of screws, screw fasteners to wood, plasterboard and masonry screws, Laker can help you get the job done on that project. We also offer bulk sizes for some of our screws because we know you’re using screws every day onsite.

Nuts, Bolts & Washers: We have the full range of nuts, bolts and washers for your project. Our range covers Form A and Square washers, Hex and P Nuts, Cup Square, Set Screws and Threaded bars in many sizes.

Wall Plugs: An essential component when affixing things to walls or timber, Laker stock a wide range to cover all your fixing needs

Iron Mongery: An architectural term referring to door furniture, door stops and even hooks used in the home. Laker has a growing range for all types of homes

Wood Glue: Laker stock a range of wood glue for professionals including for extra strong bonding

Tape Adhesives: Generally used to bond or join objects together, Laker have a range for drywall, cloth and aluminium requirements

Fillers & Sealants: We have a wide range of highly versatile sealants and fillers that’s perfect for sealing and gluing projects to give a professional finish. For an invisible transparent finish, the Crystal Clear Pro 3 dries with a glass-like finish.

Other Adhesives & Accessories: For everything else including flooring and coving adhesives, foam gun cleaners, patination oil and much more.


What type of screws can I buy?

We have wood screws, drywall and plasterboard screws, timberdrive screws and concrete screws available online.

What’s the difference between sealant, adhesive, and filler?

Simply put, a sealant forms a barrier between materials, adhesives provide a permanent bonding solution and a filler smooths surfaces by filling cracks and gaps.

How do I know what nail to use outside?

For external projects, you should use nails manufactured from Galvanised Steel to slow corrosion down. Galvanised nails can be used for roofing, fencing or any other type of outdoor project you might have.

Laker can help

Get in touch with us today and speak to us about your project and we can guide you to materials that are right for you at surprising prices. 



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