Hiab (Non-Kerbside) Deliveries Disclaimer

    By signing this disclaimer, I confirm that I have requested a Hiab delivery to the location mentioned below and accept that this is outside of Laker Builders Merchant’s standard procedure to drop at kerbside.

    I accept the terms and conditions as set out on https://lakerbfs.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/ that specifically state; Laker Builders Merchant or any company’s employees will not be responsible for any the damage to customers private property, cause by our vehicles when asked to drop at any location other than the kerbside.

    I also understand that the sizes in the images below are representative of the vehicle that may deliver my order. In addition, access to my property must be sufficient to safely fit a Laker Hiab of 4m high and 3m wide, aborted deliveries due to insufficient access will be charged for.

    Italian Trulli

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