Keeping heat in or out

Our extensive product line includes insulation for cavity, loft, roof, and floor applications, as well as all the accessories needed. Our loft rolls and PIR boards are from trusted brands like Knauf and Mannok.


Loft & Roof Insulation: Various forms of loft insulation are available, including loft insulation rolls that can be unrolled and loft boards that can be cut to size and installed between rafters for an even better fit. Aside from reducing energy bills and carbon emissions, loft & roof insulation helps to sound-proof roofs and attic spaces, as well as maintain a consistent temperature inside homes and other buildings.

PIR Insulation: PIR boards can be cut to fit any area of your home to reduce heat loss through the floors, walls or ceilings and prevent draughts.

Cavity Wall insulation: It is essential to insulate the cavity walls of new build homes and renovations to reduce noise transmission, retain warmth during the winter, and keep heat out during the summer. We supply PIR insulation boards or insulation slabs that can be cut to fit any space.

Accessories Insulation: We stock insulation clips for holding insulation in place, Insulation fixings for anchoring insulation to concrete and masonry and Foil tape to join gaps where weather, chemical & flame resistance and heat & light reflectance is important.

Other insulation: Pipe insulation, for covering up your pipes to protect them from condensation, freezing during winter and overheating in summer, reducing your energy costs, and improving your energy efficiency.


Should I put insulation rolls or PIR in the loft?

It tends to be down to budget, PIR has a much better thermal conductivity but then also has a higher cost compared to loft rolls. A popular method of home loft insulation is doing a mixture, putting rolls in between the joist and PIR at rafter level.

Can I get the insulation delivered?

Yes! We deliver all across Sussex & Surrey and into Kent, Hampshire & South London. Alternatively, you can click and collect or shop our insulation in branch at Crawley, Cranleigh or Pulborough.

Laker can help

Get in touch with us if you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website; we have many more items in stock and if needed, can order to fit your requirements.



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