Majestic Mouldings

Laker offers an extensive range of top-quality mouldings to meet all your construction and renovation needs. Our collection includes skirting, architrave, window boards and decorative mouldings. From trusted companies like Arbour Forest & Hoppings, you can elevate the aesthetic appeal of any space effortlessly.


Skirting: Our skirting boards come in various designs & sizes allowing you to find the perfect match for your décor, such as Chamfered, Ovolo, Pencil Rounded, Chamfered Round, Torus, Ogee, and Reversible.

Architrave: Diverse selection of premium architrave designs that can elevate the style and elegance of your interior spaces. Our architrave category showcases a range of style options, including Ogee, Chamfered, Pencil, Ovolo, and Torus.

Window Boards: Serving for both functional and decorative purposes in window installations, we have a range of styles & size to suit your aesthetic.

Decorative Mouldings: Our diverse selection, you’ll find the ideal decorative mouldings to elevate your space, including  Cushion corners, D moulds, dado rails, ovolo & ogee door stops, double astragals, dowels, half round beads, ogee moulds, and ovolo glass beads.


What are the most common types of mouldings used in building projects?

The most common types of mouldings used in building projects include skirting boards, architrave profiles, window boards, dado rails, and picture rail mouldings.

Can I paint or stain the mouldings to match my desired colour scheme?

Absolutely! Our paintable and stainable mouldings provide the flexibility to customize them according to your preferred colon or finish, ensuring they seamlessly blend with your décor.

Do you offer mouldings in different styles, such as contemporary or traditional?

Yes, we understand the importance of matching the style of your space. That's why we provide a range of moulding styles, including contemporary, traditional, and Victorian-inspired designs, allowing you to achieve the desired aesthetic. 

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