Plastering: Walls of endless possibilities!

Plaster is a versatile building material used for centuries in construction and renovation projects. It is a mixture of gypsum or cement, sand, and water, which when applied in a paste-like form, creates a hard and durable surface. 


Plaster serves various purposes in the construction industry such as providing a smooth and even finish on walls and ceilings, covering imperfections, enhancing fire resistance, and improving sound insulation. 

Hardwall: Is specifically designed for use on solid backgrounds, such as brickwork, blockwork, or concrete. Its unique composition and formulation make it an excellent choice for achieving a smooth and durable finish on interior walls.

Multi-finish, Skimcoat: Commonly known as multi-finish or simple skimcoat, it is a versatile plaster used for achieving a smooth, fine finish on interior walls and ceilings. It is one of the most popular finishing plasters in the construction industry due to its ease of application and ability to create a polished and professional appearance.

Bonding: Is specifically designed for use on low-suction background, such as smooth or non-absorbent surfaces, to provide a key or bonding layer for subsequent plastering work. Commonly used in construction and renovation projects to prepare surfaces before applying finishing coats or other plastering materials.

Plastering sand: Also known as rendering sand or plaster sand, it is a type of fine-grained sand used in construction and building projects, particularly for plastering and rendering surfaces. It plays a crucial role in achieving a smooth and even finish on walls, ceilings and many other masonries surface.


How is Hardwall different from other types of plaster?

Hardwall is known for it’s high strength, quick setting time and suitability for thick applications. It is commonly used as an undercoat or basecoat plaster to create a solid foundation for fish coats.

Why is bonding used as an undercoat plaster?

Bonding acts as a bonding coat, enhancing adhesion to low-suction backgrounds and preparing the surface for the application of finish plasters or other materials.

What is bonding?

Bonding is a gypsum-based undercoat plaster manufactured by British-gypsum. It is designed to provide a key or bonding layer on low suction backgrounds before the application of finish coats or other plastering materials.

Can mutli-finish coat plater be used on both new and existing surfaces?

Yes, multi-finish skim coat plaster is suitable for both new construction and renovation projects. It can be applied on a range of surfaces, such as plasterboard, cement render, concrete, or existing plaster finish.

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Right finish's 25kg Skim coat multi-finish plaster is ideal for skimming and finishing plasterboard surfaces to achieve a smooth and even finish on walls and ceilings.


Lightweight pre-mixed gypsum basecoat plaster before a skim finish.


Thistle Hardwall 25kg backing plaster is the perfect choice for plasterers looking to ensure a strong, long-lasting base coat on medium to high suction backgrounds. Its pre-mixed gypsum undercoat provides excellent impact resistance, making it ideal for any plastering project from small repairs to large scale renovations.

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