Sawn Timber

Perfectly dry for commercial and DIY projects

Laker stores all sawn timber indoors, so it doesn't warp or twist with no need for drying before use. A range of sizes across graded Carcassing, treated roof battens and ungraded softwood are available for collection or delivery to Sussex and Surrey as well as to parts of Kent, Hampshire & South London.


Graded Carcassing: Kiln dried to remove excess moisture and stored inside to prevent warping and twisting. Offering a range of sizes in C24 grade to suit all needs.

Treated Roof battens: With a range of Type A battens, blue battens and tilt fillet, you can get that roofing job done with Laker.

Ungraded softwood: Referred to as CLS (Canadian Lumber Standard), this timber is kiln dried for strength and finished on all sides, perfect for internal joinery.


Why are some roof battens dyed blue?

In most cases, for no reason. However, some dyes can indicate a type or grade of timber. In our case, we think the supplier likes the colour.

Can you provide for bulk orders?

We do provide larger orders for bigger projects and work with customers to phase deliveries when they need them on site.

Do you provide a cutting service?

Our cutting service is coming soon, so keep an eye on our newsletter.

What is the difference between graded and ungraded timber?

Ungraded timber tends to be rough sawn and is generally sold as a wet, unseasoned, mixed species softwood whereas graded timber is usually kiln dried and widely used as load bearing or structural timber

What does C16 and C24 mean?

Both are commonly used in construction, however C24 timber has been graded to a higher standard than C16 which means it can handle heavier loads and wider spans.

Laker can help

Talk with us about your project; we will get you the best price and support you throughout.



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