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Laker has an extensive range of screws for all requirements including timber, sheet materials, timber or masonry, we can supply quality screws at great prices.


We stock quality screws to suit professional tradesman and keen DIYers for all manner of projects. We also offer bulk sizes for your bigger projects, so you don’t keep running out onsite.

Our competitively priced range includes a wide variety of screws in multiple sizes and finishes designed to meet the demands of all construction projects. Browse the range by category to find the most suitable product/s for your project or find specific products via the search panel at the top of our pages.

Timberdrive: These are a heavy-duty screw for used for timber applications including fixing rafters, stairs, beams, floor joists, timber decking, fencing and other timber projects requiring heavy duty screws.

Drywall & plasterboard screws: These screws have been designed specifically for fixing plasterboard to either metal or timber. Drywall screws are usually light in weight and have deeper threads which help them stay in place against the drywall.

Wood Screws: These are sharp-pointed screws for timber-to-timber fastening that is non-structural. Wood screws tend to have coarse threads and an unthreaded shank near the head, to allow the screw to pull the wood pieces together tightly.

Concrete screws: Generally used to secure medium-to-high load applications onto masonry surfaces, such as concrete, solid brick, hollow brick or stone. They can also be referred to as concrete bolts, concrete anchors, or concrete screw anchors.


Which should I use – a Posidrive or a Philips screw?

Simply, a Posidrive (or Posidrive) is a screw head with parallel recess and used for higher torque applications versus the Philips screw head which has a tapered recess and generally used for lower torque applications.

How do I get my screw to sit flush?

You should use a flat-head screw otherwise known as a countersunk screw which is designed to rest flat or flush against the surface it is screwed into. The screw has a flat head that tapers along it’s shaft and ‘sink’ into the surface it’s inserted into.

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