Bricks, Blocks & Lintels

From the ground up

A key component of most domestic and commercial constructions. Available in a wide range of sizes and densities. We stock trusted brands like LBC for bricks, Mannok for blocks and Birtley for lintels.


Bricks: Engineering bricks and a wide range of facing bricks in a variety of colours from leading brands like Forterra, Ibstock, Imperial and Wienerberger.

Blocks: Concrete blocks commonly referred to as CMU's (concrete masonry units) or cinder blocks are a primary building material used in the construction of walls. We have aerated and dense concrete blocks available in a range of sizes and densities.

Lintels: Both internal and external applications are covered by our range of concrete or steel lintels. Suitable for new-builds, refurbishment constructions, renovations, and refurbishments.

Air Bricks & Ventilation: Air bricks and weep vents are essential components in the construction of masonry and brickwork, to ensure proper ventilation and moisture management. We a wide range of Air bricks, weep vents and telescopic underfloor vents.

Block & beam: Complete block and beam flooring system of precast and prestressed concrete beams and blocks to create robust stable floors for both residential and commercial structures.


Do you stock bricks in your branches?

We do have a small amount of stock in some branches, but we stock the bulk at our depot in Oakley including bricks, blocks, lintels and more. From here we can arrange delivery straight to site!

What are the advantages of an aerated block?

Aerated blocks are a lot lighter, have better insulation and they are stronger. They are also more universal as they can be used for internal and external walls and for load or non-load bearing walls.

Do I use a concrete or steel lintel?

It depends on the requirement of the job but generally if you have a cavity wall then steel lintels are best as concrete lintels tend to be used for single skin brickwork.

Laker can help

Get in touch with us if you can't find what you're looking for; we have more products available in branches and can order to suit your requirements.



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