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Plaster, Plasterboard and all the accessories

All plastering supplies are available from Laker, including plaster, plasterboard, coving, angle beads, and more. Our plasterboard stock includes sound shield, fireline, moisture resistant, vapour check and standard boards with square or tapered edges.


Plasterboard: Plasterboard consists of layers of paper sandwiched between layers of gypsum to create a rigid board suitable for plastering or direct decoration. We stock sound shield, fireline, vapour check, and standard boards in different thicknesses and sizes.

Plaster: No matter if you are plastering a room or ceiling, we have everything you need to get the job done right. Among our products are hard walls, multi-finishes, and plastering sand.

Coving: Coves are decorative mouldings used to cover where the ceilings walls meet. We also offer coving adhesive for the application of your coving.

Plaster Accessories: All the accessories you need to aid or complete your project, including angle beads, EML sheets (Expanded Metal Lathing), joint tape, fixings and more.


Should I fit coving before or after plastering?

Fit coving after the wall has been plastered because if you change your mind in the future and you don’t want it, it is easier to take down and won’t leave a gap between your wall and ceiling with no plaster. Aswell as this it will leave you with a much cleaner finish.

Can I paint straight on to plasterboard?

Yes, you can paint directly on to plasterboard, but you need to make sure that any fixings and joints are covered with joint filler first, but it is recommended to prime the plasterboard first with a mist coat.

Laker can help

Get in touch with us if you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website; we have many more items in stock and if needed, can order to fit your requirements.



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