Weed Control Membranes

Say goodbye to weeds

Weed control membranes act as a shield against the invasive growth of weeds, ensuring your garden or grounds project remains pristine. 


Laker Builders Merchant’s supplies standard and heavy-duty weed control fabric, as well as woven geotextiles, all providing protection from weeds in garden and landscaping.

Our range includes standard weed control fabric, which provides a reliable barrier against common weeds. For more demanding environments, we have heavy-duty weed control fabric designed to withstand harsh conditions and suppress the growth of persistent weeds. Additionally, our woven geotextiles offer superior strength and durability for long-lasting weed control, that is generally used by landscapers.

Using landscaping fabric effectively prevents weeds from sprouting and spreading by blocking their access to sunlight, a crucial element for their growth. By creating a physical barrier, these membranes inhibit weed germination and minimize their presence in your garden or grounds.

Landscaping fabric allows essential resources such as water, air, and liquid nutrients to reach your plants' roots while impeding weed development. This ensures that plants receive the vital nourishment they need to thrive, resulting in healthier and more robust growth.

Weed membranes can be used beneath gravel paths, patios, or driveways to prevent weed growth and maintain a neat and tidy appearance. Incorporate them in your flower beds, borders, or vegetable patches to safeguard your plants from competing with weeds for nutrients and moisture. Our landscaping fabric is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, providing reliable and long-lasting protection for your garden.


What is a weed membrane?

A weed control membrane, also known as landscaping fabric, is a protective material used in gardens to prevent weed growth. It acts as a barrier, inhibiting the germination and spread of weeds while allowing essential resources like water and nutrients to reach plants.

How does a weed control membrane work?

The weed membrane works by physically blocking sunlight from reaching the soil, thus preventing weed seeds from sprouting. It creates a barrier that restricts weed growth while allowing air and water to penetrate the soil, supporting the health of desired plants.

Where can I use weed control membranes?

Weed control membranes can be used in various areas of your garden. They are commonly installed beneath gravel paths, patios, and driveways to prevent weed growth and maintain a tidy appearance. Additionally, they are ideal for flower beds, borders, and vegetable patches, where they help protect plants from weed competition.

How do I install weed membranes?

Simply prepare the area by removing existing weeds and debris, level the ground, and lay the membrane over the desired surface. Secure it with pegs or staples to keep it in place.

Do you have a garden project planned?

We’re more than happy to help you get your project done, so if you need or can’t find what you’re looking for just let us know.

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Groundtex Contractor Pack 4.5 x 11m is a high duty fabric weed barrier.

WEEDTEX 15 x 1m

Weedtex 15 x 1m is a fabric weed barrier.

WEEDTEX 25 x 2m

Weedtex 25 x 2m is a weed control fabric is used to stop weeds from growing without using chemicals.

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