Sheet Materials

Sheet materials for all requirements

Sheet materials for a range of construction and interior fittings. From wooden sheet panels that are used for flooring, walls and roofs and even for furniture-making to the protection of flooring during renovations. 


You can find everything from flooring to walls and roofing boards in our wide selection of sheet materials. Available in a range of sizes, they can be collected or delivered across Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, and South London.

Chipboard: Chipboard is used for many things but most commonly for flooring. In addition to being moisture resistant, it has tongue and groove edges to add structural stability when two or more sheets are joined. We also have peel clean options available.

MDF: Medium Density Fibreboard, or MDF, is made from pressed hardwoods and softwoods. It is versatile and easy to work with, allowing you to cut it to any shape without splintering with very little sanding required. In addition to standard boards, Laker offers moisture-resistant boards, long grain boards, and cross grain boards.

OSB: The Oriented Strand Board, or OSB, consists of wood strands that are glued together, then compressed. Resulting in high strength making this a good choice for wall and roof sheathing. 

Plywood: Plywood sheets are also made from layers of timber that are rotated 90° and glued together. We stock shuttering ply for general purpose use as well as WBP (Water/Weather Boil Proof) for places where moisture may accumulate, such as bathrooms or sheds.

Cement Fibre Board & Accessories: STS cement fibre boards and accessories stands for Standard Tile System is one of the highest industry standards for tile installation made up of a range of products that work seamlessly together ensuring a reliable and professional outcome.

Floor Protection: Floor protection is crucial when it comes to construction projects, ensuring that floors remain intact and unharmed. At Laker Builders Merchant, we offer top-quality floor protection sheets and films to keep your floors in pristine condition. Designed to shield a wide range of flooring materials, including hardwood, chipboard, plywood, MDF, ceramic tile, linoleum, and carpet.


Can you cut my sheet materials?

Not yet but watch this space – Coming soon!

What can I use plywood for?

A versatile sheet material, you can use plywood for flooring, roofing and interior walls and it makes great furniture and cabinets.

Laker can help

Get in touch with us today and speak to us about your project and we can guide you to materials that are right for you at surprising prices.         



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