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Laker Builders Merchant supply a wide range of premium topsoil, blended loam and bark mulch in bulk bags and poly bags. Whether you're a professional landscaper or a gardening enthusiast, our extensive range of topsoil, blended loam and bark mulch options will cater to your requirements


Topsoil forms the uppermost layer of soil and ranges from 5 to 12 inches in depth. It is rich in organic matter and nutrients, providing an excellent foundation for successful planting. Our carefully selected topsoil ensures optimal moisture retention and drainage, creating an ideal environment for healthy root development.

Our blended loam is a versatile soil blend that combines sand, silt, and clay. Blended loam offers excellent drainage, moisture retention, and aeration, making it suitable for various gardening projects. Our high-quality blended loam provides the best growing conditions for your plants, whether you're working on flowerbeds, lawns, or vegetable gardens.

Ornamental bark chippings not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces but also offer practical benefits. Use bark mulch in bulk bags for pathways to create a natural and rustic look, as bedding to suppress weed growth, as edging to define borders, or even as a safe and cushioned surface for play areas. Choose from the lighter spruce ornamental bark mulch in bulk bags or the more the classic ornamental bark chippings.

Transform your landscape with our top-quality topsoil, blended loam, and ornamental bark chippings.


What is the difference between topsoil and blended loam?

Topsoil refers to the uppermost layer of soil, while blended loam is a specific soil blend consisting of sand, silt, and clay. Topsoil can vary in composition, while blended loam offers consistent balanced characteristics.

What is topsoil used for?

Topsoil is commonly used for establishing new beds, filling garden areas, and providing a nutrient-rich base for planting. Its organic matter and nutrient content promote healthy root development and optimal plant growth.

How is blended loam beneficial for gardening?

Blended Loam is a versatile soil blend that offers excellent drainage, moisture retention, and aeration. It provides an ideal environment for plant growth and is suitable for various gardening projects, including flowerbeds, lawns, and vegetable gardens.

What are the benefits of using ornamental bark chippings?

Ornamental bark mulch bulk bag offers both aesthetic and practical benefits. Bark Mulch enhances the visual appeal of outdoor spaces, provides a natural and rustic ground cover for pathways, suppress weed growth when used as bedding. Ornamental bark chippings can be used as edging or as a safe surface for play areas.

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Bring the beauty of nature to your garden with our bulk bag of topsoil! Our premium-grade, topsoil bulk bag is perfect for use in a variety of planting and landscaping applications such as flower borders and raised beds. Our topsoil helps retain water better than other soils, ensuring your plants stay hydrated and healthy all year round. The loamy texture also gives you more control over the composition of your garden.

Please be aware that bulk bags are mostly supplied loose and we tip the loose aggregates on site. Alternatively request a scheduled hi-ab delivery if you need a crane off-load.


High performance Melcourt Spruce Ornamental Bark Mulch suitable for a wide range of domestic and professional landscaping applications where a neat, decorative finish.


Due to its fine texture, Melcourt Topsoil Blended Loam 0.6sq/m 630kg is a popular choice for gardening and landscaping.


Ornamental Bark Bulk Bag is a maintenance friendly way to cover soil or to create decorative boarders for flower beds and other planted areas.

Please be aware that bulk bags are supplied loose and we tip the loose aggregates on site. Alternatively request a scheduled hi-ab delivery if you need a crane off -load.

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