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Replace, repair, or install new gutters, drainage, or underground systems with lakers. With trusted brands such as Brett Martin and Growtivation, we offer a wide range of guttering, manholes, drain covers, storm crates, geotextile fabrics and more.   


Drainage: Drainage range has a range of solutions for preventing floors, mitigation, erosion control and maintaining structural integrity. We have both drainage channels and geotextile fabric for driveways and gardens.

Guttering: Our guttering and drainpipes from Brett Martin are made from uPVC, which is light, reliable, durable, easy to install and long lasting. We also provide matching gutter components for a complete rainwater system. Available in the round 68mm and square 65mm style.

Underground: Our underground range has all the essentials for managing both rainwater and sewage. These systems consist of various products and components designed to effectively transport and dispose of wastewater and rainwater to prevent flooding and maintain hygiene standards. 


Are round gutters better than square gutters?

There are pros and cons to both. It is mostly down to personal choice, but round gutters are slightly easier to clean but square gutters can hold slightly more water.

What is the right geotextile fabric for drainage?

It is important to choose unwoven fabric because it allows water to pass through it and acts as a filter, whereas woven fabric is much tighter and designed to stop weeds from growing.

What do I need to make my storm crate more effective?

Storm crates are pretty good at managing the release of rainwater slowly themselves but wrapping it in a non-woven fabric helps the water release a lot slower and there for limiting the risk for flooding even more. Aswell as slowing the realise the fabric also acts as a filter.

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