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Laker offer a wide range of metalwork essentials for a range of construction projects. We stock fixings that are suitable for both timber and masonry applications, including wall ties, joist hangers and angle brackets. 


Wall ties: Wall ties, commonly called brick ties are used in buildings with cavity walls and are installed to tie the internal and the external wall together. We also stock extension wall starters, debonding ties and timber frame ties.

Joist hangers: Often referred to as jiffy hangers, they are used to ensure that your beams are secured in place to help prevent sideways movement or buckling. These also provide vital support for wooden beams. We have joist hangers for timber or masonry applications.

Timber Fixings: Wide range of fixings for securing timber to timber or timber to brick, block, stone, masonry, and concrete. We stock Angle brackets and Frame ties for both heavy and light duty uses.

Reinforcement and foundation sundries: For reinforcing, strengthening, and supporting concrete with Re-bar's, Deck Chairs & Mesh, before concrete has set to help improve the tensile strength. 


What does type 4 mean on a wall tie?

The type is based on their strength, function, and use. In particular, type 4 is used on external walls of domestic houses up to a height of 10 meters. The types range from 1 to 7.

How much masonry is need above a standard hanger?

It depends on the hanger you are using and what application but generally a minimum of 675mm of fully cured masonry (3 course of solid block) is required above the hanger top flange before applying load.

Laker can help

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