Vehicle Damage Waiver

You may choose to pick up/collect your merchandise from any Laker Builders Merchant depot, where we offer a complementary loading service as a courtesy to our customers. By virtue of utilising our loading service, customers acknowledge and agree to absolve Laker Builders Merchant from any risks involvedin the loading process.
Upon accepting loading assistance, the customer is therefore releasing Laker Builders Merchant and/or its employees from liability or responsibility for any damage that may occur from loading your vehicle. Therefore absolving Laker Builders Merchant of any damage or liability that may occur when loading merchandise via a forklift or manually onto or into any customer vehicle. In addition,  the Customer assumes full responsibility for transporting any collected merchandise safely, as well as to adhere to our Loading and Securing conditions below.

Loading And Securing Merchandise

Customer agrees to: - Provide a safe and capable vehicle for transporting merchandise - assume responsibility for picking up and transporting merchandise.

Customer agrees to: - Stop the loading service if load exceeds the capabilities of the vehicle - Stop the loading service if the vehicle appears unsafe to operate - Secure merchandise prior to driving off.

Laker Builders Merchant reserves the right to: - Refuse and/or cease loading service.

Safety precautions for customer: - Stand 10 feet away during loading service when machinery is in use - Exercise caution during loading service.



Thank you for your business.  

The adjacent sign is displayed in all Laker Depots.



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