Engineering & Estimating Services

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Laker uniquely provide a valuable service to manage and deliver Design for your New Build Home, Home Extension or Commercial venture. We draw on knowledge from a wide range of disciplines, able to tailor a project specifically to our clients exacting requirements. From CAD design to planning consent, full drawings plus a comprehensive estimating or ‘take off facility’ for both material and labour quantities.


Architectural, planning and design for commercial and residential projects.

The services we offer are as follow:

  • Estimating Service (materials+labour) for residential builds, developments, all civil works.
  • Full architectural design laid out in 2d, alternatively 3d design and or BIM mapping for the supply of planning, building control or concept design procurement and planning venture.
  • Full costing procurement and overviews with schedule of rates for labour plant and materials at current live pricing.
  • Project management from conception to completion.
  • Conditional surveys and reports
  • Diagnostic links with site survey reports.
  • Basement design & RC works
  • RIBA, JCT and NEC & Escrow Formal contracts
  • Full D&B design and procurement with valued engineering
  • Full H&S method and concept statements
  • Piling reports and ground and soil investigation
BIM service


Although we tend to price projects on a case by case basis, call us on 0800 684 8702 to discuss project packages.

Design Service

Laker Builders Merchant are a ‘Service First Company’

As every building project is dependent on a successful design process, dictating the nature and complexity of the build, defining the resources needed, the time taken and the overall outcome. At Laker we are a ‘service first’ business who already look to provide an end to end service for our clients, with the addition of our Architecture, Engineering and Design Service you may now look to us to come up with an all encompassing solution.

We would first like to meet with you!

Discuss your project requirements with our in-house surveyor in detail, first complete the enquiry form, then open a trade account, for you, or your builder. Whether estimating, design, planning, building regs or engineering, we’re ready to assist. Inducements may prevail for VIP’s.

To make life easier for our builders and home owners, an ESTIMATING SERVICE or take-off facility is now available from Laker; you hand over, or email your plans, so our Surveyor may provide a tailored service around your needs, to provide and calculate the material and labour quantities you will require for your project. Innovations and ideas to create a framework adding value to our core business of Merchanting

Please note; our ‘ESTIMATING SERVICE’ is diametrically opposed to the National Merchants offering of ‘online estimating’, provided from averages, meaning less accurate take-offs and inaccurate costings. At Laker, we are offering a fully comprehensive end to end facilityYou will work with professionals, every element from Design, Engineering, Planning and Estimation, accommodated to complete satisfaction.

Design Service

Architectural, planning, design and full estimating service for a wide range of residential & commercial projects.